For my personal project , Now I need an expert Painter who can color 3 various photos x 50 quanitity , and thus 3 trends will have to be painted 50x.

For my personal project , Now I need an expert Painter who can color 3 various photos x 50 quanitity , and thus 3 trends will have to be painted 50x.

Need some help with enhancing some photographs.

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Canine Rescue R mankind happens to be a low revenue organization, and also now we want to inform the general public precisely what is occurring in their own personal lawn. Pets which happen to be left without having foods or sources, overbred, abused, forgotten, and distress. The audience is planning starting with all the video of team releasing themselves, and roll into a slideshow with musical (we’ve specific songs in mind) revealing our manufacturer n.

A skilled photos manufacturers are expected by we, we truly need them to create a template design of a “Chef hat with cutleries”. We truly need an experienced design beautiful, so proof of event ought to be mailed to united states. We be expecting the design and style getting a pretty apparent solution and start to become of a superior quality. If curious personal speak to you, why don’t we go over companies.

We would like an exclusive label credit card concept in 3D the artist must convert two-sided logo design into a holographic graphics and add it on both edges of the cards the creator must follow the placement associated with model but first, we must see how translucent metallic appears e discover how it appears so take a look at a metal plastic card how can we improve layout advanced and one worth carryin.

I wish to establish a niche site for a specific niche group wherein consumers can create a profile, upload video clips and pictures, link her socials and become searchable date me kenya app. Organizations would pay out a cost getting usage of the platform and phone candidates.

I must write a niche site for a specific niche group just where someone can produce a member profile, upload video and pictures, hook up their socials and also be searchable. Firms would pay a charge to get access to the platform and phone prospects.

We have been wanting to create an app (droid + apple’s ios) allowing to send images and a few phrases from mobile phone to a host in which these photos and words tends to be tested. Picture the next : it’s important to manage a survey of a moment fingers car. We simply take 15 images and type in a few content for every single photograph + some common details about the automobile. As soon as completed the software directs all records to a (our) server. A simple.

Hello Experienced Devs! chiefly We need a rapid model for a multi-vendor shop website that let’s any company on instagram/facebook etc. to register & arrange store in this article (through Insta levels back linking) & provider dash given on this site. Nowadays this new USP is actually we must get items documents as readable 3D exhibits rather than photographs, with enhanced facts power Also for .

I am looking into constructing a CRM-like process for taking care of clients/patients at an exclusive exercise. It’s going to be more than a CRM but let me begin present. I have rule enjoy me but There isn’t the time or understanding to acheive it through me personally, here I am just looking into if hiring a freelancer a great idea.

Now our website permits clientele for making a booking for one hairdresser retailer which shop features a backend system incorporating workers, routine and reporting info. Technology utilized was PHP and CodeIgniter, with a PHP simple administrator collection and a small couple of Python scripts for extra efficiency. Screenshots of this process come and I can talk about extra images in discussion. We would like to add some a brand new .

Hello lads, i want 7 logo used a hatching style like photos I have fastened. There are certainly all logo designs, in vector formats within this backlink: [login explore URL] in folder there are many hatching drawings that i’d like the logo designs to appear like with. I suggest into the competition to generate one specific logo in the hatching fashion, of course We award you the cast We count on to make all logos li.

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